Calcote: Most all FC coaching slots filled for 2022-2023 term

by Sean Dunlap

With the start of the 2022-2023 school year about one month away, Franklin County School District Athletic Director Brent Calcote said most all coaching positions — with the exception of two — have been filled following approval by the Board of Education last month.

“Right now, there is a position open for high school track as well as an assistant archery coach, and we’re looking at our options where these positions are concerned,” Calcote, who also serves as Franklin County High School assistant principal, said.

“We feel like we’re in good shape having most everyone in place prior to the start of school.”

He noted there were only a few changes to the coaching roster created by the recent departure of Phillip Poole and Steven Davis.

Poole had worked as an assistant on the varsity football staff, a seventh grade football assistant and headed up the FC powerlifting-weightlifting program.

Davis was also a varsity football assistant and boys track coach.

Among the district’s most recent hires are Brad Calcote and Kent King.

Brent Calcote said Franklin County’s sports teams made what he considered to be significant strides during the 2021-2022 school year with varsity football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, fast-pitch softball and golf all making post-season runs.

“We also had participants in sports like tennis and archery have a lot of success during their respective seasons,” he continued.

“I think there were a lot of concerns at all levels coming out of the coronavirus pandemic as to what we might see from our sports programs. I’m happy to say that we came through it and out of it with a lot of individual and team positives that bodes well for the future.”

The athletic director said his coaching staff will be seeking to build off their teams’ accomplishments with an eye toward the future.

“I don’t think there’s any coach that’s every truly satisified with the status quo because every new year bring new challenges,” he said.

“The goal is always to keep climbing and to see how far you can go ... there’s a lot of motivation for us to do that.”

Here is a list of coaches for the 2022-2023 school year as approved by the Franklin County School District:

• Varsity football — B.J. Smithhart, head coach; Michael Ward, assistant coach; John Costilow, assistant coach; Brad Calcote, assistant coach; and Kent King, asssistant coach.

• Junior varsity football — John Costilow, head coach; and B.J. Smithhart, assistant coach.

• Seventh grade football — Josh Thibodeaux, head coach; and Kent King, assistant coach.

• Eighth grade football — Brad Calcote, head coach; and Michael Ward, assistant coach.

• High school cheerleading — Angela Chance, head coach; and Porsha Shaw, assistant coach.

• Middle school cheerleading — Kaky Tindle, head coach; and Amy Cox, assistant coach.

• Varsity basketball — Rickey Van O’Quinn, boys and girls head coach; Jarvis Hunt, assistant boys coach; and Ashley Weathersby, assistant girls coach.

• Junior varsity basketball — Jarvis Hunt, boys head coach; and Ashley Weathersby, girls head coach.

• Seventh and eighth grades boys basketball — Jarvis Hunt, head coach.

• Seventh and eighth grades girls basketball — Andrea Wilson, head coach.

• Soccer — Jeff Long, boys and girls head coach; and Dana Smith, assistant girls coach.

• Varsity baseball — Michael Ward, head coach; and Kent King, assistant coach.

• Middle school baseball —Josh Thibodeaux, head coach.

• Fast-pitch softball — Tasha Scott, head coach; and Marla Watts, assistant coach.

• Volleyball — Ashley Weathersby, head coach; and Tasha Scott, assistant coach.

• High school girls track — Ashley Weathersby, head coach.

• Tennis — Ashley Windom, head coach.

• Golf — Jeff Long, head coach.

• Powerlifting and weightlifting — Brad Calcote, head coach.

• Archery — Connie Johnston, head coach.

• Middle school track — Ashley Weathersby and Jarvis Hunt, head coaches.

Brent Calcote said he hopes supporters of Franklin County’s sports programs will come out to cheer on the Bulldogs throughout the upcoming program year.

“These kids and their coaches work hard and deserve our community coming out to enjoy their efforts,” he went on to say.