FC spring football wraps up with scrimmage

by Sean Dunlap

Franklin County High School’s varsity and junior varsity spring football drills came to a conclusion Thursday, May 12 with a three-team controlled scrimmage at Louie Mullins Memorial Stadium in Meadville.

FC was joined by programs from Crystal Springs and Lawrence County — with all three teams getting in some quality offensive and defensive snaps before the night was over.

The format for the scrimmage did not feature a game clock and allowed for each offense to have a select and equal number of consecutive snaps.

The Bulldogs battled Crystal Springs to open the competition with the visiting team finding the end zone three times on rushing plays of 13, 15 and two yards.

Franklin’s JV scored once against Crystal Springs thanks to a 15-yard pass play from quarterback Detrick Starks to receiver Jacques Anderson.

“I saw a lot of good things, especially with the junior varsity and the plays they got,” FC Head Football Coach B.J. Smithhart said after the game.

“I’m really excited by what our young players brought to the field and we have a lot that we can build off of with them for the fall.”

The Bulldogs’ JV squad finished with three first downs against Crystal Springs and had four carries for no yards, but gained 79 yards on a 5-6-0 throwing effort.

The JV defense limited Crystal Springs to -23 yards on six carries and 20 receiving yards on a 1-of-2 passing performance.

The Bulldogs’ varsity squad also scored a touchdown in the series against Crystal Springs as Jailon Brown exploded for a 10-yard run to cap a drive.

“In terms of varsity play, we’re looking for our leaders to step up for us,” Smithhart added. “I think we learned a lot about ourselves and what we’ll need to focus on in preparing for the start of the regular season in a few months.

“We have a lot of potential with our varsity and these contests showed us there were some things we need to clean up especially when it comes to assignments and following through on plays.

“As a whole, I thought the effort was there and I feel like our guys are committed to getting better during the summer with our strength and conditioning program.”

Against Crystal Springs, the varsity Dawgs recorded two first downs and rushed the ball 11 times for 26 total yards.

Additionally, Franklin was 0-for-6 in the passing department.

FC’s late contest against Lawrence County was cut short due to lightning in the area from a passing thunderstorm.

Even with a limited number of snaps, Franklin rushed six times for three yards and was 0-for-3 in terms of passing.

Lawrence County had six carries for 120 yards and two scores on 50- and 60-yard carries.

In all games where rushing was concerned, FC was led by Xavier Rankin, who had five carries for 18 yards.

Anderson was Franklin’s top receiver with three catches for 76 yards.

Starks had a 5-6-0 effort to lead the quarterback corps in passing.

Defensively, Tyrese O’Neal had a banner night with a team-high nine tackles while Brown added four takedowns and Jailen Hunt recorded three.

Bradley Washington had an interception for the FC defense while Rankin and Jamal Flowers each collected a sack for the Bulldogs.

As for what’s next with the football program, Smithhart said his players will start hitting the weight room Mondays through Thursdays starting in early June with that effort continuing throughout July.

“Our goal, like it is every year, is to get stronger through a commitment to the weight program along with putting some things together during the summer that will hopefully have us ready to play in the fall when we open against West Lincoln,” he continued.



FIRST DOWNS — Franklin County, 2; Crystal Springs, 4

RUSHING-YARDS — Franklin County 11-26; Crystal Springs, 12-57

PASSING — Franklin County 0-6-0; Crystal Springs, 2-6-1

RECEIVING YARDS — Franklin County 0; Crystal Springs 29


FIRST DOWNS — Franklin County 3; Crystal Springs 0

RUSHING-YARDS — Franklin County 4-0; Crystal Springs 6-(-23)

PASSING — Franklin County 5-6-0; Crystal Springs 1-2-0

RECEIVING YARDS — Franklin County 79; Crystal Springs 20


Crystal Springs varsity: 13-yard touchdown run.

Franklin County JV: Detrick Starks to Jacques Anderson 15-yard
touchdown reception.

Crystal Springs varsity: 15-yard touchdown run.

Crystal Springs varsity: 2-yard touchdown run.

Franklin County varsity: Jailon Brown 10-yard touchdown run.

• • •



FIRST DOWNS — Franklin County 1; Lawrence County 2

RUSHING-YARDS — Franklin County, 6-3; Lawrence County, 6-120

PASSING — Franklin County 0-3-0; Lawrence County 0-0-0

RECEIVING YARDS — Franklin County 0; Lawrence County 0


Lawrence County varsity: 50-yard touchdown run.

Lawrence County varsity: 60-yard touchdown run.

• • •


RUSHING: Xavier Rankin, 5-18; Broderick Shannon,3-7; Tyrese O’Neal, 4-6; Reshon Baker, 1-5; Jailon Brown, 3-4; Quez Rancifer, 4-(-4); Jacques Anderson, 1-(-7).

PASSING: Detrick Starks, 5-6-0; Zorian O’Quinn, 0-2-0; Quez Rancifer, 0-7-0.

RECEIVING: Jacques Anderson, 3-76; Derion Wilson, 1-2; Dalton Middleton, 1-1.

• • •


VARSITY TACKLES: Tyrese O’Neal, 9; Jailon Brown, 4; Jailen Hunt, 3; Xavier Rankin, 3; Larry Pernell, 2; Remontae Cameron, 2; Jay Malone, 1; Glennon Cameron, 1; Peyton Touchstone, 1; Josh Smith, 1; Reshon Baker, 1.

VARSITY SACKS: Xavier Rankin, 1.

VARSITY INTERCEPTIONS: Bradley Washington, 1.

JV TACKLES: Nate Chance, 2; Nic Perryman, 2; Broderick Shannon, 1; Derrion Wilson, 1; Devin Coleman, 1; Tyson Windom, 1; Glennon Cameron, 1; Chris Pernell, 1.

JV SACKS: Jamal Flowers, 1.

Compiled by Trey Hill, Lane Reed and Sean Dunlap